Special Guests


Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen to appear SUNDAY ONLY!

Sean was born in Washington D.C. The youngest of four, he was raised in Silver Spring/Olney Maryland and graduated from Sherwood High School. He moved west and graduated from UCLA four years later. Like most actors, he worked as a waiter while studying and performing at the famed Groundling Theater and Playhouse West. His break came doing commercials and his first film, The People Under the Stairs (1991). Sean has worked in almost every genre of film and television. He is also an acting coach, writer, producer, looper, acting teacher and heads the comedy department at Studio 4: James Franco's Film & Acting School in North Hollywood. He is a father of two beautiful daughters.

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Haunted AF

Rebekah Black and Julie Fisk spent years covering movies together for CBS Radio (ask them about the time they interviewed Seth Rogen in prom dresses) but they found a common love in, of all things, ghost stories. That's why they launched Haunted AF, a podcast featuring real-life scary stories, told by the people who experienced them. Sure the podcast is spooky but it's funny, too. Julie and Rebekah say it's like a middle-school sleepover but with profanity and wine. Listen at HauntedAF.com or find them on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher...really any podcasting platform. And if YOU have a scary story, send it to hauntedafpodcast@gmail.com so they can use it on the next Haunted AF!


Teal L. Gray

Teal Gray is a best-selling author, host of Para Mysteries and Soul to Soul Podcasts as well as a sacred and mysterious site traveler.


She lectures globally on mysterious and long-forgotten world practices, paranormal fields of study, and ghostly encounters, including those in her own home. She lectured and traveled with her extensive collection of Memento Mori items, helping many come to a greater appreciation

for the sometimes misunderstood practice of remembering the dead.

As an ordained minister Teal blends her knowledge of world religions and her gifts of intuition to assist paranormal investigative teams on sites of everything from historic buildings to sacred sites around the world.


Through these many experiences, she has amassed a greater understanding of the unknown. Sharing that knowledge with you is her passion. Ever curious, she hopes to make you feel like you are on the trail of answers with her. When she isn't out exploring the vast reaches of our world, this bestselling Texas native enjoys spending her time surrounded by her family and pets and preparing for her next adventure.

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Ghost Trippers

When a skeptical motel manager skips the Halloween parties for a quiet night at work, four amateur paranormal investigators pull up with a story too bizarre not to believe. Join Alex and the Ghost Trippers as they set off to find the ultimate proof of paranormal existence.


PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. The film contains language, smoking, drinking, a sexual reference, drug references, and brief violence.